Freestyle Coach

Freestyle Coach

Our course is designed to give teachers, youth workers, sports coaches, parents and young leaders a range of tools to enhance their teaching of young people.

Even if a participant has never kicked a ball before, everyone will come away having learnt some skills on the ball and more importantly with a range of resources and understanding that can be used to engage with young people in a refreshing way.

  • Teachers and coaches looking for new ways to engage with their students and inspire creative decision making, whilst also accelerating skill development
  • Youth workers or charitable organisations looking to use sport as a way to deliver education and attend to any range of social issues in the community
  • Parents looking for new, exciting activities for their children
  • Young leaders looking to enhance their learning and skill set
  • Organisations looking for CSR or employee team building / volunteering activities in which to engage

A 2-hour course split between theory and practical knowledge

  • The course is divided into 4 sections.Section 1 consists of 3 modules and provides an overview of the Federation, the Learning course, the history of the sport and what it means to be a Freestyle Coach.
  • Section 2 consists of 4 modules and explains the philosophy underpinning the course, including the important emphasis we place on gender equality, inclusion, health and teaching life skills.
  • Section 3 consists of 2 modules and teaches coaches how to use the information taught in this course and apply freestyle football to real life coaching situations.
  • Section 4 consists of 3 modules and provides information about how to expand freestyle football beyond the classroom and how to effectively evaluate your own progress and that of your participants
  • All participants will be taught to:
  • Understand the value of training core fundamentals such as balance, touch, body awareness and rhythm
  • Learn about the history and opportunity of freestyle football
  • Learn how to teach life skills and health messages through the power of skills on a ball
  • Learn how to create the right environment that allows young people to express themselves
  • Learn some impressive tricks even if they have never kicked a ball before
  • Take away a personal toolkit of resources to help them introduce freestyle football in their own environments (includes 13 weeks of re-usable session plans, music, video support and motivational posters)
  • All participants will receive a certificate of participation
  • It is an extra-curricular course, but has been tested and supported by top British Universities, football players and coaches
  • The certificates will be signed by the Freestyle Football global ambassador Ronaldinho

You will need comfortable clothing as the course will include practical learning.
As part of the course you will also receive a Mamba training ball – the perfect ball to practice those new found skills with and our recommended training ball.