Freestyle Football making a social impact


As part of the World Freestyle Football Federation’s objective to use the sport as a tool to deliver education and impact the lives of young people, they have partnered up with Generation Amazing.

Generation Amazing is the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s flagship corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. It uses the opportunity created by Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ to empower and educate people across Qatar, the region and the globe.

Generation Amazing targets workers, schoolchildren and vulnerable youth. The programme is designed to address priority issues – vulnerability, health & wellbeing and environmental awareness, using football training as the hook, thus enabling positive and sustainable generational change through football.

Starting in 2017 there will be a 13-week block of session plans being used by Generation Amazing that use freestyle football training to enhance messages of health and inclusion in society. Through the excitement and interest in freestyle football, the sport can help carry the messaging of Generation Amazing to wider audiences.

As part of the partnership, freestylers Sean Garnier, Philip Warren Gertsson, Caitlyn Schrepfer and Abdullah Abu Nahia are taking lead ambassador roles to help promote the social impact of the programme.

Follow all the progress on our social media channels or by searching #GenerationAmazing

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