Freestyle Football World Tour 2016


The first stage of the 2016 Freestyle Football World Tour, featuring the best 24 male athletes in the world took place in Calgary, Canada this September. The top 24 in the world were narrowed down to the top 16 after day 1 of the event and these final 16 continued to the final stage of the 2016 tour in Melbourne, Australia. In the final, Andrew Henderson (UK) faced Erlend Fagerli (Norway), who, after taking the Superball 2016 (World Open Championship) title earlier this year was a firm favourite to keep up his winning streak. But Andrew, who is the most successful competitor in the sport of freestyle football ever, having won every major competition on the calendar, battled his way through forcing Erlend to make some uncharacteristic errors in the final.

The beginning of summer in Australia played host to the second stage of the Freestyle Football World Tour 2016. The best 16 male and 8 female athletes in the world landed in Melbourne to fight for points and become the ultimate World champion 2016.

During the week spent in Melbourne, athletes visited over 20 different events, which were targeted to grow awareness of the main event and the sport.

The first day of competition brought together the best freestylers from Oceania competing for the regional title. At the end of long day local youngster Jordan Morrison showed the most confidence and took the title. For the first time in history, the World Federation brought the top 8 female freestylers to the same event and created the first ever Female Freestyle World Tour to run alongside the male event. They qualified through a video based system and on the day Melody Donchet from France showed her strength to take the title. She defeated Liv Cooke from UK to become first ever Female World Tour champion. It was later revealed that Liv at the age of just 17 was competing with a broken foot.

The final day brought over 500 fans to the venue, which was built especially for the freestyle championships next to Etihad Stadium. The event was packed full with close battles and at the end of the day Michal Rycaj (Michryc) from Poland defeated Colombia’s Sebastian Ortiz (Boyka) and proved that Poland is still one of the strongest countries in sport of Freestyle Football.


In spite of Michryc receiving the full amount of points, it was not enough to take overall 2016 tour title away from Andrew Henderson who accumulated more points across the year than anyone else in the tour.




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