Who is the best female freestyle footballer in the world today?


Today the world Freestyle Football Federation have announced the 8 qualifying ladies for the first female Freestyle Football World Tour event that will be held in Melbourne, Australia on 2nd December 2016.

To spearhead the growth of the females in freestyle football, the world Federation launched their first female only competition this year allowing any young aspiring female freestyler in the world to enter a video based qualifying round.

Freestylers from 18 different countries around the world submitted their skills in the form of a 1-minute video that was then judged by an expert panel to identify the top 8 athletes. They were selected based on a combination of factors including trick difficulty, style, creativity and control.

In order of where they ranked after the judges votes came in, the following freestylers will be invited to participate in the first live Female Freestyle Football World Tour in Melbourne, Australia at the Etihad Arena on 2nd December 2016:

  1. Melody Donchet (France)
  2. Kalina Matysiak (Poland)
  3. Agnieszka Mnich (Poland)
  4. Kitti Szasz (Hungary)
  5. Lucia Kevicka (Slovakia)
  6. Liv Cooke (UK)
  7. Caitlyn Schrepfer (USA)
  8. Catalina Vega (Chile)

The Federation will be organising more online competitions for female freestylers in the coming year to drive participation up to a level where more regional live qualifiers can then be created.

This year’s live event in Melbourne will be available to watch live online. Full details to come nearer the time.

Stay tuned to all Federation activity on social media networks @FreeFootWorld.

How was the top 8 decided?

The 25 video entries were judged by 17 experienced freestyle footballers spread across 6 continents.

They were requested to select their top 10 from the entries. The selection was primarily based on how the videos demonstrated all-round freestyle ability whilst they were also looking for the best demonstration of style, flow, difficulty of tricks and mistakes made. 10 points was given by each judge to the video that they selected to be the best and 1 point was given to the video who they ranked in 10th position.

Here are the final positions after the video qualification round:

  1. Melody Donchet (France) = 164 points
  2. Kalina Matysiak (Poland) = 148 points
  3. Agnieszka Mnich (Poland) = 123 points
  4. Kitti Szasz (Hungary) = 115 points
  5. Lucia Kevicka (Slovakia) = 114 points
  6. Liv Cooke (UK) = 86 points
  7. Caitlyn Schrepfer (USA) = 55 points
  8. Catalina Vega (Chile) = 28 points
  9. Jasmijn Janssen (the Netherlands) = 23 points
  10. Yulin Liu (China) = 22 points
  11. Marisa Cintra (Brasil) = 15 points
  12. Lilliia Khamrakulyeva (Russia) = 15 points
  13. Martyna Gaworek (Poland) = 11 points
  14. Fernanda Méndez Cabrera (Mexico) = 8 points
  15. Kristyna Knapová (Czech Republic) = 6 points
  16. Paloma Pujol Mayo (Spain) = 2 points
  17. Mitsuki Yomoda (Japan) = 0 points
  18. Moe K. (Japan) = 0 points
  19. Azusa Hamada (Japan) = 0 points
  20. Katarina Karali (Greece) = 0 points
  21. Su Xie Wen Valerie (Singapore) = 0 points
  22. Kaitlyn Monsour (USA) = 0 points
  23. Angie Cepeda (Colombia) = 0 points
  24. Angie Zuleimy Chacon Piñerez (Colombia) = 0 points
  25. Katarina Rihova (Czech Republic) = Disqualified for video length being too short

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