World Freestyle Football Federation Ranking 2016

The Freestyle Football World Tour is a stand-alone tournament structure that has been developed to determine the best from the best in freestyle football. The top 8 from the World Tour 2016 will be invited back into the 2017 tour, meaning there are 8 new places up for grabs.

The official Federation’s world rankings are determined by all other events during the year ranging from national, to continental and world open status. Different weightings of points are available for every freestyler who enters these events and at the end of the year, the top 6 in the world rankings will qualify for a place in the World Tour.

The final 2 places in the World Tour 2017 will then be wildcard nominations chosen by Federation sub-committee members from around the world.

The World Freestyle Football Federation is delighted to welcome newcomers from all corners of the world every year to become a part of the premium selection of talent. All you need is a ball to get involved in freestyle football and this system for the world rankings ensures everyone has a chance to progress to the top.

See the rankings table for the top 100 here

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